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Assembly and Care For Your Lifestyle Lighting Lamp

  • Assembly DiagramNO TOOLS!
  • Place glass between metal tabs and on the outside of the metal shade. The glass should always rest on the outside of the metal shade. Then put the nut and bolt in so that the nut is on the outside, finger tight only.
  • When assembling lamp, use fingers only on the nuts when putting the glass in the shade. The glass could break if too much pressure is applied.
  • If there is not enough thread on the tube to screw the topper (finial) on, reverse the threaded tube so that enough thread is available.
  • Replace light bulbs with any regular light bulbs. The lamp does not require 3-way bulbs. It is the lamp that makes the bulbs operate at 3 settings. Lamps with three bulb sockets use candelabra bulbs, 25 watt maximum. Lamps with one bulb socket will use either candelabra or standard bulbs.
  • For cleaning use a soft cloth only. No paper products. Glass cleaner will work for the glass and the metal.
  • The metal can be polished with any metal polish or liquid automobile polish. Turtle Wax liquid automobile polish is an example of one. It works great on the metal and the glass to repel dust and resist fingerprints.
  • Surge suppressers will protect your lamp from power surges and lightning strikes. These are available at hardware and discount stores. Always protect your lamp and other sensitive appliances with surge suppressers. Power surges are a common everyday occurrence and sensitive electronic equipment cannot handle the excess voltage.
  • No refunds, exchanges only.
  • We hope you enjoy your new lamp!


Troubleshooting Guide

NOTE: Unplug lamp before checking any electrical connections. use a butter knife to remove the plastic bottom of the lamp. check that all wires are connected. if not, cut and re-connect with wire nuts.

(Remember only metallic surfaces are touch sensitive.)
1. A touch lamp must not be plugged into a wall outlet that is controlled by a wall dimmer, simply move lamp to another outlet.
2. Check that the outlet is controlled by a wall switch and check that the outlet switch is in the ON position and that the lamp is plugged in.
3. Replace the light bulb with a new one-way bulb or test it in another lamp.
4. Move lamp to different outlet and try again.

1. Callouses on the fingers may act as an insulator. Try touching the lamp with the other hand or with a different part of the hand.
2. Some carpets have been sprayed with an anti-static spray that are conductive and grounds out the signal, try again in another outlet.

1. A cracked element in the bulb emits bursts of electronical energy which overwhelms the small touch sensor signal, replace the bulbs with any one-way bulbs. NOTE: 40 watt maximum candelabra bulbs recommended.
2. Power surges and strikes will cause this and eventually, over time, will cause your sensor to burn out. Surge suppressors will protect your lamp and other important household electronics. You can find surge suppressors at your local hardware and discount stores. Touch sensors are available from Lifestyle Lighting.
3. A ham radio, CB transmitter or some garage door openers will emit high levels of energy that interfere with the lamp. These conditions are difficult to correct. Try moving out of the range of those energy bursts. Surge suppressors may also help.

1. Use a power line filter or surge suppressor.

1. Lifestyle Lighting needs to know what you found defective with your touch sensor. Please return sensor in a padded envelope, as directed in the warranty, with a note describing the problem.

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Touch Lamp Sensor
Your Price: $16.00
Touch Lamp Sensor
Touch lamp replacement part. Picture of what makes a touch lamp work. This is what you need to buy to repair a touch lamp. FREE SHIPPING! Unplug before attempting anything on any lamp.
base only with touch sensor
632 base for touch lamp
Your Price: $25.00
632 base for touch lamp
Metal touch lamp base only with black chrome finish. Uses 3 candelabra light bulb. The touch sensor located in the base of the lamp has a one year warranty. Does not include kit.
Finial Black Chrome
Your Price: $12.00
Finial Black Chrome
Replacement finial or topper for black chrome touch lamp. Free shipping via U.S.P.S.
Finial for Brass Touch Lamp
Your Price: $12.00
Finial for Brass Touch Lamp
Replacement finial or topper for any brass touch lamp. Free shipping via U.S.P.S.
other colors available
replacement parts
Your Price: $12.00
replacement parts
One package (8 pieces) of shiny brass colored nuts and bolts for any touch lamp. Made of plastic, so no washers are needed. Holds the glass panels onto the metal frame for any touch lamp.Free shipping
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