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Black Floral display touch lamp

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Item Number: SM SP A BGA
The black glass has an etched botanical design that sparkles when lighted. These glass panels will always look great! The touch sensor gives you 3 light level settings with only a touch to any metal part of the lamp. The black chrome finish looks great with only minimal care. (Care instructions with lamp.) Changing your light level is as easy as 1-2-3. One touch on the metal gives you the lowest light level, a second touch gives you medium light and a third touch sets you lamp to its highest level of light. A final touch turns your lamp off. All of this is done with one regular light bulb, up to a maximum of 40 watts. (Any color, or shape, frosted or clear, pointy or round light bulb will work. It's the size of the base of the bulb that you need to match. Fluorescent light bulbs will not work in a touch lamp, as they are not dimmable.) The touch sensor that makes all this possible is covered by a one year warranty. Simply return the sensor to us for a replacement within one year. Touch sensors are also available for purchase. Dimensions of the lamp: Height: 16” ; +or- ½” after final assembly Circumference of shade at widest point: 11” Circumference of base: 6.1”

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