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6 panel touch lamp - Brass

Lifestyle Lighting: Shopping: 6-Panel Pumpkin Style Touch Lamp Decorative Lighting at Affordable Prices
These lamps have a 3-way touch sensor. They use regular 1-way light bulbs. Lamps are brass plated with glass shades. Lamps are unassembled. Assembly involves inserting the glass in the shade and then putting the shade on the base. Lamps include light bulbs.

24" height, 15" width, 7.5" width of base
Polish brass finished
Uses 3 candelabra base bulbs, 25 watt max.
Price $42-$46/each   

6-Panel Pumpkin Style Touch Lamp

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Touch Lamp Sensor
Your Price: $16.00
Touch Lamp Sensor
Touch lamp replacement part. Picture of what makes a touch lamp work. This is what you need to buy to repair a touch lamp. FREE SHIPPING! Unplug before attempting anything on any lamp.
Merry Go Round Carasel Horse
Your Price: $69.00
Merry Go Round Carasel Horse
Heads up for this magnificent Merry-Go-Round Carousel Horse in full glory. These glass panels will always look great! The touch sensor gives you 3 light level settings with only a touch to any metal part of the lamp. The brass finish looks great with only
other colors available
replacement parts
Your Price: $12.00
replacement parts
One package (8 pieces) of shiny brass colored nuts and bolts for any touch lamp. Made of plastic, so no washers are needed. Holds the glass panels onto the metal frame for any touch lamp.Free shipping
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