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Scarface touch lamp

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Item Number: 632 SF
"Say hello to my little friend" To quote Robin Williams, " A phrase heard round the world in bedrooms every night." (At the Hollywood Tribute to Al Pacino)These glass panels will always look great! This table lamp has a 24” height and is 16” wide. The touch sensor gives you 3 light level settings with only a touch to any metal part of the lamp. The black chrome finish looks great with only minimal care. (Care instructions with lamp.) Changing your light level is as easy as 1-2-3. One touch on the metal gives you the lowest light level, a second touch gives you medium light and a third touch sets you lamp to its highest level of light. A final touch turns your lamp off. All of this is done with regular candelabra light bulbs, up to a maximum of 100 watts. This lamp uses 3-candelabra light bulbs. The touch sensor that makes all of this possible is covered by a one year warranty. Simply return the sensor to us for a replacement within one year. Touch sensors are also available for purchase.

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